Emergency and Utility Services in Sikkim

The state of Sikkim is equipped with emergency services such as police service, ambulance service and fire services. In any aspect like health emergency or any accident or untoward occurrence or any natural calamity, there are emergency services available for the people of Sikkim.

One may dial 100 (the toll free emergency police telephone number for India) where one will get a police personnel for help in need. There are also fire services available in their emergency telephone number 101.

Police Stations in Sikkim

Since 1861, Sikkim had become a protectorate of British India. Officially, it was in the year 1897 that a force sikkim policeconsisting of 1 head constable and 5 constables were authorized to be posted at Aritar and thus Sikkim Police was born.

Every city, town or village in Sikkim has police stations and medical assistance for easy reach. Some of the important emergency contact numbers of Police stations (along with their location places) are as follows:

Police Control Room (HQ)
Office Of The Director
General Of Police
Police Headquarters
Gangtok - 737101,
Telephone No.03592-201566/202892

List of Police Stations in Sikkim

  • Kupup Police Station: 256252
  • Pakyong Police Station: 257834
  • Rangpo Police Station: 240835
  • Ranipool Police Station: 251712/251877
  • Rhenock Police Station: 253840
  • Rongli Police Station: 255623
  • Sadar Police Station: 202022/202033/100
  • Sherathang Police Station:266218
  • Singtam Police Station: 233762
  • Churaibari Police: 913824-261-204
  • Damcherra Police: 913822-263-271
  • Dharmanagar Police: 913822-220-204
  • Kadamtala Police
  • Kailashahar Police: 913822-290-935
  • Khedacherra Police: 913824-268-204
  • Kumarghat Police: 913824-298-687
  • Panisagar Police Station: 913822-261-223
  • Pecharthal Police: 913822-265-273
  • Pecharthal Police: 913824-222-283
  • Chungthang Police Station: 276955
  • Kanchanpur Police: 913824-265-209
  • Lachen Police Station
  • Lachung Police Station
  • Mangan Police Station: 234246
  • Phodong Police Station: 262992
  • Vangmun Police Station: 913824-290-880
  • Birganj Police Station: 913821-263-236
  • Karbook Police Station: 913821-269-388
  • P.R.Bari Police Station: 913823-264-365
  • Santirbazar Police Station: 913821-262-231
  • Taidu Police Station: 913825-264-319
  • Belonia Police Station: 913823-222-214
  • Manubazar Police Station: 913823-266-236
  • Nutanbazar Police Station: 913823-262-322
  • OMPI Police Station: 913825-264-205
  • R.K.PUR Police Station: 913821-223-517
  • Sabroom Police Station: 913823-270-222
  • Shilachari Police Station: 913823-277-222
  • D Nagar Police Station: 2272121
  • Hingdam Police Station: 250240
  • Jorethang Police Station: 257358
  • Kakraban Police Station: 913821-265-236
  • Killa Police Station: 913821-274-252
  • Melli Police Station: 270203
  • Mettupalayam Police Station: 2271031
  • Mudaliarpet Police Station: 2358065
  • Namchi Police Station: 263722
  • Ravongla Police Station: 260840
  • Reddiarpalayam Police Station: 2292284
  • Temi Police Station: 261713
  • Villianur Police Station: 2666321
  • Airport Police Station: 91381-234-2258
  • Bishalgarh Police Station: 91381-236-1244
  • Bishramganj Police Station: 91381-234-6482
  • East Agartala Police Station: 91381-222-5774
  • Jirania Police Station: 91381-234-6222
  • Kalamcherra Police Station: 91381-285-3236
  • Khowai Police Station: 913825-222-225
  • Radhapur Police Station: 91381-239-1104
  • Sonamura Police Station: 91381-275-0234
  • Srinagar Police Station: 91381-286-1322
  • Takarjala Police Station: 91381-286-6254
  • Amtali Police Station: 91381-237-0385
  • Champahowar Police Station: 91381-286-7377
  • Jatrapur Police Station: 91381-285-1236
  • Kalyanpur Police Station: 913825-261-222
  • Lefunga Police Station: 91381-253-0035
  • Mandai Police Station: 91381-286-5283
  • Melagarh Police Station: 91381-252-4232
  • Mungiacami Police Station
  • Ranirbazar Police Station: 91381-239-6787
  • Sedhai Police Station: 91381-234-3222
  • Teliamura Police Station: 913825-262-221
  • West Agartala Police Station: 91381-232-5765
  • Budhjung Nagar Police Station: 913825-295-897
  • Gyalshing Police Station: 250844
  • Kaluk Police Station: 245270
  • Naya Bazar Police Station: 257249
  • Sombaria Police Station: 254222
  • Soreng Police Station: 253206
  • Uttarey Police Station: 255409

Sikkim Fire Service

Established at Gangtok, with just 10 general duty policemen and one Nissan, the Fire and emergency services of Sikkim today comprises of a total of 8 stations covering all districts along with 14 water tenders. The entire force has 5 station fire officers, 8 sub-fire officers, 11 assistant sub-fire officers and other fire personnels.

sikkim fire stations

List of Fire Stations in Sikkim

Fire Station Gangtok
P.S. Road
03592-101, 202001

Fire Station Singtam
Traffic Point, 31-A NH

Fire Station Rangpo
Beside Police Station

Fire Station Namchi
Below DAC Complex

Fire Station Jorethang
Housing Colony

Fire Station Ravangla
Kewzing Road

Fire Station Gyalzing
Near Sanskrit
03595 250810

Fire Station Mangan
Below DAC Complex

Ambulance Services in Sikkim

Apart from fire service and police station, Sikkim is also equipped with ambulance services that serve as a lifeline for the people of the state. Sikkim has a few emergency ambulance services which are provided to the people with maximum effort. Some of the contact details are as follows:

  • Gangtok (+91 3592) 102/222944
  • East District : 102/222944
  • Gyalsing (+91 3595) 250823
  • Singtam (+91 3592) 102/ 233757
  • Namchi (+91 3595) 263729

Utility Services in Sikkim

Sikkim is a beautiful state of India located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The state of Sikkim has its capital in Gangtok. With the development of technology and advanced services, the state of Sikkim has also developed itself in comparison to other Indian states. There are some advanced utility facilities of different important sectors of an economy.

Banks in Sikkim

There are a number of banks in almost all the cities of Sikkim including Gangtok, Rangpo, Singtam, Mangan, Jorethang and other places. State Bank of India, Axis Bank, Indian Bank, IDBI Bank, ICICI Bank, Union Bank, Central Bank of India, HDFC Bank and many other leading banks have their branches in Sikkim. These banks also have their branches and ATMs in different towns and cities across Sikkim. Names and addresses of some of the important banks in Sikkim are given below:

Andhra Bank
31A National Highway,Opp Tourism Office
Phone No: 03592202905
Email: [email protected]

Baroda Bank
M.G.Marg, P/O Gangtok,East sikkim
Phone No: 0359220216
Email: [email protected]

Central Bank Of India

Hospital Dara, Gangtok
Phone No: 03592202826

Central Bank Of India, Namchi
D.C.Road Namchi
Phone No: 03595264746

HDFC Bank Ltd
M.G.Marg,Yama House, East Sikkim
Phone No: 03592201375

Indusind Bank Ltd
Sarda Building,Opp S.B.I., Convey Ground, Tadong, East Sikkim
Phone No: 03592231585
Email: [email protected]

National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development
Om Niwas, Church Road, Gangtok
Email: [email protected]
Phone No.: 03592203015

State Bank Of India
Phone No.: 03592220641

UCO Bank
P.S.Road,Opp Head Post Office,Gangtok,East Sikkim
Email: [email protected]
Phone No.: 03592203164

Electricity in Sikkim

The Energy & Power Department, Sikkim,is headquartered in Gangtok which oversees the electricity and power requirement throughout the state. There are also electricity supplier offices in different towns of Sikkim which monitors electricity supply in respective towns.

sikkim electricity

Sikkim State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SSERC)
Office Complex,
Erstwhile Sikkim Time Corporation (SITCO) Builidng,
P.O -Tadong,
East Sikkim- 737102,
Telephone/Fax : 03592 – 281044

Sikkim Postal Services

Indian Post Offices have their branch in almost all the towns and cities of India connecting various cities and states all across the country and even abroad.

Head Post Office
Near SNT (Sikkim Nationalized Transport)
Phone: 03592-225442
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